From off-the-shelf components to full bespoke control systems and our industry-renowned design services, Tedd Engineering offers a wide range of products and solutions, tailored to your individual requirements
Large and Small Control Panels

Control Panels

Our control panels are tough and hardwearing, able to withstand harsh operating environments. As every machine is different, at Tedd Engineering we design and manufacture each control panel according to the individual customer’s requirements, no matter how simple or elaborate.

Since each control panel we manufacture is designed from the ground up, we can incorporate a range of options and features, from LCD screens to switches and meters, even bespoke enclosures. The control systems that we design are as unique as the machines themselves.

Display Units

A display unit can be optionally fitted to the control panel. This provides a graphical user-interface, as well as additional controls for operation or navigation.

LCD screens provide the most flexible and powerful control/monitoring interface. Each user-interface is custom designed in-house by Tedd Engineering, allowing for full flexibility. It may be designed for a single unit or for use across a range of machinery, the choice is yours. Our engineering and graphics departments work closely with our clients to design a user interface to meet our customers’ needs. Our custom interfaces are used by some of the biggest names in the industry and are renowned for their easy to use intuitive designs and logic.

Human Machine Interface Design
Auxiliary I/O Modules

IO Modules

Our IO modules act as the processing centre or ‘brains’ of a control panel, sending commands to and receiving data from all over the machine. As each machine has a unique layout and requirements, our bespoke design service will select the best configuration of modules for the job.

Hardwearing and robust, our IO modules are designed in-house and manufactured at facilities in the UK. Tedd Engineering IO modules can be found at the heart of machines all over the globe.


We started making bespoke wiring looms over 30 years ago and we haven’t stopped.

The cable loom routes electrical signals throughout the machine, connecting the control panel to the ECU (Engine Control Unit), sensors, motors and other areas of the machine. Usually designed alongside the control panel, looms are machine-specific and designed for the machine’s unique layout of components and sensors. Our wiring looms are built to specification and tested at our manufacturing facility in Derbyshire, England.

Bespoke wiring loom
Remote tracking handset

Remote Controls

External or remote control is a key element of operating modern equipment. From machine tracking to machine control and adjustment, Tedd Engineering offers a wide range of customisable remote handsets for use with quarrying, agricultural and construction equipment. Our handsets are designed to work in and withstand the harsh environmental conditions of quarries and construction sites.

We also offer a completely bespoke service, from keypad and button layout to custom housing. Tedd Engineering will be able to work with you to find the ideal remote solution for your system.

Remote Monitoring

Tedd Engineering is proud to offer an added-value product at the cutting-edge of remote machine monitoring – Tedd Telematics. This web-based service allows the remote monitoring of machines from anywhere in the world, at any time, through a normal web-browser.

Logging into your Telematics account allows you to view running information, consumables, machine location and more. Tedd Telematics provides an easy and flexible means of collecting operational and performance data from machines in the field, facilitating data analysis for maintenance and future design.

Machine Analytics on a Laptop

Your Unique Project

Our manufacturing capabilities and decades of experience designing and building bespoke control systems mean we can develop your ideal solution. Contact us today to make your latest concept a reality.